Small company boards: Questions for potential advisors and directors

Are you considering joining the board of a small organization or are you a small company owner or manager? Our publication will help you understand the role of an advisory or fiduciary board.

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If you are deciding to join the board of directors for a small organization, you need to understand and implement good governance practices to fulfill your responsibilities.

Our Corporate Oversight and Governance Board prepared Small Company Boards: Questions for Potential Advisors and Directors to provide you with essential guidance as you consider and step into your new role. It contains a practical discussion as well as illustrative case studies that show how small companies have used and adapted corporate governance practices.

You will learn about:

  • Canada's small business environment
  • the foundations of good governance
  • oversight by advisory boards vs. fiduciary boards
  • how ownership structure affects the board's role and approach
  • key governance responsibilities of small company advisors and directors
  • the role of the board chair
  • how directors and advisors add value
  • governance in start-ups
  • establishing a fiduciary board
  • ensuring that governance practices evolve with the organization's growth
  • gaining stakeholder confidence


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