Disruptive governance podcast series

Hear from leading corporate directors as they discuss the most pressing and controversial governance issues facing Canadian board members.

Listen to our Disruptive Governance podcast series and gain insight and clarity into a wide range of corporate governance issues.

Hear about the personal experiences and learnings of respected directors as they share their insights on how they are navigating these challenging, disruptive times.

Sustainable Finance: In Conversation with Tiff Macklem and Andy Chisholm

Hear from two heavy-weights from Canada's Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, Tiff Macklem and Andy Chisholm. Leveraging the years of banking experience and corporate board perspectives, Macklem and Chisholm deliver clever insights into the economic importance of shifting Canadian capital to support climate change and sustainable development.

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Who should attend?
  • corporate board members
  • senior management
  • finance professionals
  • insurance professionals