CPAs enable climate adaptation and resilience

Accountants have a valuable role to play in helping organizations adapt to climate change: to manage risk, identify and seize opportunities, and enhance resiliency.

Global and local changes in temperature, frequency and severity of extreme weather conditions, as well as the availability of water and other natural resources, are impacting organizations in Canada and around the world. These shifts are giving rise to a variety of operational, financial, reputational, legal and regulatory risks — and opportunities.

As creators, enablers, preservers and reporters of sustainable value, accountants can make their organizations' adaptation efforts more effective.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) and Natural Resources Canada collaborated on a strategic initiative that will enable CPAs to build on their existing skills and expertise to help organizations or clients adapt to a changing climate. This initiative was managed by Network for Business Sustainability.

If this is an area of interest to you or your organization, please contact: Sarah Keyes, principal, sustainability, Research, Guidance & Support.