Brookfield: Social and human capital accounting implementation

Brookfield Asset Management undertook a fair market valuation for its most important asset – the workforce.

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Over the last 15 years, Brookfield transitioned from an investor to a global asset management business — now operating assets on behalf of investors. As a result, Brookfield has become an increasingly service-oriented company.

For Brookfield, this transition means that its workforce is central to all decision-making, and more significantly, foundational to the long-term success and sustainability of their organization.

To ensure that this asset is strategically managed and developed, Brookfield's finance team was tasked with developing a practical method to assess and link its human capital to their value chain. In doing so, Brookfield would be able to demonstrate the value of their human capital, along with financial metrics that are relevant to the asset management business.

This worked example details the approach taken by Brookfield's finance team to measure the value of their human capital and is based on the A4S Essential Guide to Social and Human Capital Accounting.

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