Wooden block puzzle assembled to form an image of planet earth surrounded by sustainability icons.

A4S essential guide to incentivizing action along the value chain

This framework provides guidance to mapping your organization’s value chain to identify sustainability risks and opportunities within it.

Sustainability is becoming more integrated into organizations, but truly sustainable business models can only be achieved by incentivizing stakeholders and communities along the entire value chain.

Without the support of your organization’s larger network of stakeholders and communities, net zero commitments are unlikely to be met. To effectively incentivize action on sustainability along the value chain, organizations will need to collaborate and communicate across the value chain’s matrix of interdependencies. By addressing sustainability risks and opportunities across the value chain, your organization can improve collaboration, identify efficiencies, reduce costs, and capture new opportunities.

The A4S Essential Guide to Incentivizing Action Along the Value Chain provides a framework to help finance teams:

  • define and map their value chain and identify the significant sustainability risks and opportunities within it
  • identify priority areas for action
  • understand, through examples, how they can incentivize the integration of sustainability along the value chain

Case studies

See how these organizations are applying the A4S Framework for Incentivizing Action along the Value Chain: