Radio frequency identification and near-field communications

Are you or your clients looking for inventory tracking tools? Concerned about inventory theft? This document summarizes the benefits, issues and risk-management strategies to be aware of when tracking inventory and assets.

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communications (NFC) are technology tools for controlling inventory and preventing theft and misuse of company assets.

  • RFID is a wireless identification and tracking system that reads data tags attached to objects from several metres away.
  • NFC is a set of standards to establish communication between devices when they are near each other.

Radio Frequency Identification and Near-Field Communications: Technology Spotlight provides a brief overview of the main issues and strategies for minimizing risks associated with RFID and NFC.

You will learn about:

  • developing and implementing policies in the event of lost or stolen NFC cards
  • identifying and replacing missing or damaged RFID tags
  • protecting data privacy by card users
  • limiting interception of data transmission if transactions time out
  • preventing removal or switching of RFID tags and ensuring all inventory is captured