How our Information Management and Technology Advisory Committee (IMTAC) helps you

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s Information Management and Technology Advisory Committee (IMTAC) provides guidance and advice about information management and technology (IM&T) matters affecting the accounting profession and business community. Learn about our key activities and obtain resources to help with your IM&T needs. 

One of the many areas in which CPA Canada supports its members is IM&T.

Our advisory committee focuses on three key activities:

  • thought leadership: identifying, researching, commenting and providing advice on IM&T issues and opportunities that affect the profession
  • development: identifying and commenting on significant national and international developments in IM&T
  • consultation: helping our members with IM&T issues and opportunities, to ensure the profession maintains sufficient knowledge to be competent business advisors

IMTAC’s membership is comprised of professionals with expertise, experience and an interest in IM&T as it affects the accounting profession, including members from:

  • accounting and information technology (IT) consulting firms
  • industry
  • public sector
  • academia
For more information about our IM&T resources, please contact:

Davinder C. Valeri, CPA, CA
Director, Research, Guidance and Support
Phone: 416.204.3497