Business matters: Helping you communicate with clients on a regular basis

Stay connected with clients throughout the year by providing them with the Business Matters newsletter.

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Stay connected with your clients

A practical marketing tool for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) in public practice, the Business Matters newsletter will help you stay in contact with your clients throughout the year. Save time and money by sending out a professionally written and designed newsletter without the hassle or cost of producing it yourself. When clients receive this professionally written, easy-to-understand newsletter, they will be reminded of the valuable service and expertise you provide.

With a subscription to Business Matters you can:

  • reproduce the newsletter on your firm’s letterhead for distribution to clients
  • customize it by adding a specific message to your clients
  • attract new clients to your firm by posting articles on your company’s website
  • email articles to clients to reinforce your knowledge and expertise on specific topics

Business Matters is available in print, or you can have the electronic version sent by email directly to your inbox.


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