Audit and assurance technology committee (AATC)

CPA Canada's AATC provides guidance and support on existing and emerging technology-related issues and opportunities affecting audit and assurance practitioners, and the auditing and assurance profession.

The committee's mission is to:

  • support CPA Canada in producing thought leadership, awareness and guidance by identifying, researching, commenting and advising on existing and emerging technology-related issues and opportunities that affect audit and assurance practitioners and the auditing profession
  • perform technical reviews of CPA Canada publications related to technology matters impacting audit and assurance practitioners
  • participate in CPA Canada's responses to, and influencing, national and international developments related to technology that could impact audit and assurance practitioners and the auditing profession
  • collaborate with other CPA Canada departments, staff and volunteer groups on technology-related projects
  • collaborate with provincial CPA bodies on technology-related projects
  • provide guidance to CPA Canada on technology skills needed for the future of the auditing profession, including pre-qualification and post-qualification guidance, training and support

Through this work, CPA Canada:

  • acts in the public interest
  • supports our members
  • contributes to Canada's economic and social development

AATC's membership is comprised of professionals with expertise, experience, and an interest in technology as it affects the CPA profession, including members from:

  • accounting firms
  • private and public sector
  • academia


  • Erik Niemi, CPA, CA, CISA Chair
  • Laurent Carlier, ASC, CISA, CISSP, CRMA
  • Cathy Cobey, CPA, CISA
  • Malik Datardina, CPA, CA, CISA
  • David Florio, CPA, CA, CRMA, CITP
  • Louise Hayes, PhD, CPA, CA
  • Michael Hiley, CPA, CA, CISA
  • Guylaine Houde, CPA, CA
  • Andrew Kwong, CPA, CA, CISA
  • Jody MacKenzie, CPA, CA
  • Robert J. Reimer, CPA, CA, CITP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CGEIT
  • Bryan C. Walker, CPA, CA
  • Taryn Abate, CPA, CA, CPA (IL) (CPA Canada)
  • Yasmine Hakimpour, CPA, CA, (CPA Canada)
  • Karen DeGiobbi, CPA, CA, (Auditing and Assurance Standards Board)

For more information, please contact:

Yasmine Hakimpour, CPA, CA
Principal, Research, Guidance & Support
Audit and Assurance