Organizational performance measurement

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Looking to take on change management systematically? Learn how to apply a four-phase process to change management using a real-life case study that describes a major shift to mining practices at an international firm's operations.

Follow the journey of Nespresso, a subsidiary of Nestlé, to see how it applied the “keys to success” and redefined the coffee industry when it created its highly successful business model.

CPAs play a pivotal and crucial role in creating resilient, adaptive, innovative and sustainable enterprises (RAISE). MAGs will prepare CPAs to address day-to-day business issues as well as critical disrupters that influence their decision-making processes.

Learn how to achieve your organization's strategic objectives in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile environments using performance measurement. This three-part series is your essential guide to the four-stage performance measurement approach.

Having grown in popularity in recent years, this series on strategic partnerships explains why they're important for meeting your enterprise's investment objectives and enhancing shareholder value.

Learn to identify and leverage the intangible drivers of your organization's future success.

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