Process-based management: A four-phase approach: Guidance

Implement part — or all — of the four phases of process-based management (PBM) within your organization. This document outlines the important steps to follow when implementing PBM.

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Have you considered using PBM to help your organization achieve their strategic objectives? Process-Based Management: A Four-Phase Approach: Guidance will help you:

  • understand and meet customer expectations
  • transform to a process-centred employee mindset
  • manage end-to-end processes
  • integrate diverse initiatives
  • manage process-related measurement and rewards

Learn about the four phases of the PBM journey that:

  • identify your organization’s current state of process and opportunities for improvement
  • address and identify the gaps in what needs to occur for your organization’s long-term success
  • explain the requirements for accomplishing and managing individual processes
  • explain the management and implementation of cross-process relationships