Process-based management

Learn to use process-based management (PBM) to enhance customer service and value. Our four-part series will help your organization increase its efficiency without sacrificing customers' needs.

Is your organization struggling to cut costs without impacting customer service? Learn how PBM can increase organizational effectiveness and reduce the risk of losing customers to competitors.

Most organizations understand the need to improve and manage their processes. However, few do so in a disciplined way on an ongoing basis. Quite often, projects are initiated to improve a process, and yet when they are "successfully" completed, they have sub-optimized the performance of the larger system or organization.

Managing the performance of individual processes is commendable, but the greater and longer-lasting impact comes through managing an organization's portfolio of processes in an integrated fashion, i.e., by becoming a process-based organization.

In this series, you will learn:

  • how PBM is used to enhance customer service and value
  • how to help your organization become more efficient and effective without sacrificing customers' needs, and reduce the risk of losing customers to competitors
  • how to implement the four phases of PBM and the important steps to follow within your organization
  • from the real-life journey of two organizations as they implement PBM

Learn more about and download the individual electronic publications, including an overview, guideline, and case studies, below.