CAM-I performance management framework

Take advantage of helpful guidance on implementing an innovative framework for performance improvement.

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Leading organizations continually gauge performance and make adjustments. Is your organization planning to undertake improvement initiatives?

We have developed an executive overview of The Consortium for Advanced Management – International (CAM-I)’s Performance Management Framework (PMF) to help you evaluate and improve organizational performance.

The PMF is an eight-step model that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any organization, industry or sector. It has been used in research initiatives in various sectors such as health care, environmental sustainability, and integrated risk and crisis management.

Benefits of the CAM-I Performance Management Framework:

  • creates a common understanding of current and future performance capability
  • provides transparency and awareness of areas performing below expectations
  • establishes a common frame of reference for needed improvements
  • provides focus and confidence to begin improvements, especially when resources are scarce
  • informs the selection of appropriate performance measures
  • serves as a sound tool for leadership development and awareness

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is a member of CAM-I. Our executive overview provides an insightful summary about how to put the PMF into practice so that you can optimize your investment in valuable resources, focus on key performance improvements, and achieve business goals.