Management reporting needs and systems

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To address the world's global infrastructure gap, accountants must be brought to the centre of the decision-making process and engaged across the entire life cycle of infrastructure projects as critical members of the professional team.

If the saying "organizations don't disrupt, people do" holds true, what are you doing to experience the benefits of acting differently?

Plan today to manage tomorrow. What dialogue should organizations start today for a prosperous future? The purpose of this report is to spur discussion among leaders in business, not-for-profits and government.

Receive an overview of cloud computing, the value it offers, implications for audit and controls, and additional resources.

Learn from three real-life organizations who successfully applied evidence-based management. Follow the journeys of a small family-owned hotel group, a multinational Internet and software corporation, and a British-based international grocery chain.

Learn how evidence-based management (EBM) can turn your organization's data into gold. In this series, you will discover how to use business intelligence and analytics to make better organizational decisions.

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