Finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO): Overview

Learn the main advantages of finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO), and how you can add value to FAO decision-making processes in our overview document.

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Today’s businesses have entered a new era of FAO. Cost reduction is still a prominent objective, but it is far from the only benefit gained.

A solid understanding of FAO will enable you to:

  • identify opportunities to improve how the finance and accounting function supports your organization's strategic objectives
  • spot more cost-effective and efficient ways to perform existing processes
  • invest more resources and time in higher-value activities
  • ensure that current and potential FAO investments strike a profitable balance between risks and benefits
  • identify and share leading outsourcing practices with other parts of the organization

You will learn:

  • how outsourcing today is much more common and broader in scope
  • how FAO relationships can help professional accountants
  • why FAO is more relevant in today's more complex business structures