Environmental sustainability: Activity-based costing management: Guidance

Gain a competitive advantage for your organization by understanding the costs of environmental issues. Learn how to apply activity-based costing management (ABC/M) to environmental sustainability.

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Are your stakeholders pressuring you to consider how environmental issues impact your bottom line? Learn to manage the costs of environmentally sustainable business using a proven strategic management accounting tool: activity-based costing/management (ABC/M). 

Environmental sustainability: Guidance provides a detailed explanation of how ABC/M can be used to:

  • address a firm’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • measure and manage GHG emissions
  • build an activity-based GHG model

You will also find:

  • traditional and activity-based tables of environmental costs, GHG footprint and carbon dioxide equivalent
  • information on the relationship between a value and a footprint
  • questions for consideration before using ABC/M for managing GHG emissions
  • the four modules of ABC/M GHG emissions