Producing financial information for Canadian capital markets

Learn key elements for reliably producing financial information for capital markets in Canada.

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Financial information for decision making must be relevant, complete, neutral, timely and free from material misstatement. It also has to be prepared according to ever-changing standards and regulations that are applied to increasingly sophisticated business transactions.

Receive guidance on how you can optimize processes for producing financial information through enhanced respect and cooperation with other involved parties.

What you will learn

Based on the knowledge that producing financial information is a complex multi-party undertaking, Producing Financial Information for Canadian Financial Markets explains:

  • the elements of a robust financial information production process
  • the roles of various parties involved in this process
  • how these parties relate to each other and to the process

Gain a strong understanding of the collaborative nature of financial information production by learning about:

  • the roles of management, the audit committee, the board and the external auditor
  • specific considerations for cooperatively producing a variety of financial reports
  • pervasive issues affecting accounting processes that require collaborative effort
  • how an auditor can contribute value to the financial information production process

How these insights will serve you

By reviewing the key elements to promoting a respectful and cooperative process for producing financial information, you will:

  • gain a big-picture understanding of the financial information production process
  • discover possible ways to improve your reporting methods for your organization
  • be in the know on current thinking and ideas related to producing financial information