MD&A disclosures in volatile times

Communicating how an organization is dealing with a volatile financial environment can involve significant changes to Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A). Read about matters you should consider to ensure transparent, complete communications to investors.

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The MD&A explains an organization’s performance, financial condition and future prospects through management’s eyes, but effective communication can be difficult in an uncertain economic environment.

MD&A Disclosures in Volatile and Uncertain Times provides an overview of the matters you should consider including in your MD&A so that stakeholders understand the impact of uncertain times on your organization’s financial health.

You will learn about:

  • a strategy for dealing with disclosures about volatile credit and customer markets
  • the effect of financial market volatility on results, and distinguishing those results, if possible, from other market changes
  • the impact on liquidity and funding operations
  • the impact of uncertainty on estimates for data, balances and transactions
  • an assessment of factors that may contribute to recovery or challenge the ability to continue as a going concern


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