Discussing organizational strategies and outlooks in financial reports: Advanced practices

Learn about trends and best practices in the way organizations discuss strategies and outlooks in their annual reports.

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Strategy and outlook discussions are key aspects of financial reports, and you can discover how to optimize these discussions in Guidance on Improved Strategy and Outlook Disclosures: A Review of Advanced Practices in 2009 Annual Reports.

We reviewed award-winning or otherwise highly regarded annual reports of several companies to determine how they approached these discussions in their:

  • management discussion and analysis
  • front-end summary
  • letter to shareholders

Explore the winning qualities of their discussions on strategy and outlook, and how you can apply them to your own reporting.

You will learn about:

  • improving the clarity of these discussions
  • communicating the objectives supporting your organization’s strategy
  • explaining how your organization will execute its strategy
  • describing indicators to monitor performance against strategic objectives
  • providing evidence of the strategy in action
  • tying future expectations to strategic priorities
  • supporting projections with market studies and industry data

This will help you:

  • enhance your understanding of how to present these discussions
  • discover ways to improve how you discuss these topics in your reporting
  • be in the know on trends and best practices for approaching these discussions