IFRIC 20 Accounting for stripping costs in the production phase of a surface mine: Reporting alert

Ensure accounting and reporting systems for your organization’s mining project are up to date with this reporting alert on IFRIC 20.

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CPA Canada Reporting Alert: IFRIC 20 Accounting for Stripping Costs in the Production Phase of a Surface Mine highlights the basic requirements of IFRIC 20, considers possible business implications, and suggests an action plan to implement the standard.

Key features and significance of IFRIC 20

This document summarizes the essential aspects and implications of IFRIC 20, with information on:

  • the objective and scope of IFRIC 20
  • how IFRIC 20 may result in significantly different expenses and assets from other commonly used accounting methods
  • the implications for recognizing production stripping costs as an asset
  • how to measure stripping activity assets

How will IFRIC 20 impact your organization?

Gain a better understanding of how IFRIC 20 may affect your organization, including:

  • systems and process
  • data collection
  • key performance metrics
  • contractual arrangements
  • communications with investors

Successfully adopt IFRIC 20

Find practical tips and ideas for how to prepare an IFRIC 20 implementation plan, including:

  • specific milestones
  • data gathering considerations
  • other implementation recommendations