Optimally report information on your organization’s investor relations web page

Learn key considerations and best practices when reporting financial information on the investor relations page of your organization’s website.

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When it comes to your organization’s investor relations web page, you may be wondering what kind of financial information to include, and which features might make the page most useful for investors and other stakeholders. Financial and Business Reporting on the Internet discusses the objectives and core components of an investor relations page, and best practices for disclosing financial and business information on the Internet.

Learn about:

  • essential content areas
  • how to make the page easy to use and navigate
  • regulatory and legislative implications for web disclosure
  • following organizational policies for publicly releasing financial information

In addition, a comprehensive checklist expands on the content, usability and navigation must-haves for an investor relations web page. You will also find links to prize-winning investor relations websites.

This information will help you:

  • gain a better understanding of the role and importance of an investor relations site
  • discover ways to make your investor relations site more relevant and user-friendly
  • ensure your online disclosure practices follow regulatory requirements and organizational policies