Directors, auditors and regulators: Effectively assess the risks and controls of investment funds

Investment fund investor accounts make up an enormous portion of public money in Canada. This Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) research report provides directors, auditors and regulators with a deep understanding of how to evaluate and manage investment fund risks.

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To help you effectively assess and control the risks of investment funds and be accountable to your stakeholders, Assessing Risks & Controls of Investment Funds presents current thinking from the perspectives of business, compliance and audit.

With this comprehensive resource, you will learn how to take an integrated approach to risk management that encompasses a fund’s mission, objectives, risks and controls.

Geared towards boards of directors, audit committees, senior management, fund managers, auditors and regulators, this report provides an extensive overview of the main risks that affect investment funds.

Topics include:

  • operating, regulatory and marketplace environments risk
  • governance risks associated with leadership, stewardship, responsibility and accountability
  • fund operations risks related to agency relationships, investment valuations, fund accounting and information systems
  • compliance risks associated with legal and regulatory requirements, industry practices and taxation

How you will benefit

By using this report’s in-depth information on investment fund risk management, you will be better equipped to:

  • establish operating procedures and controls to effectively manage risk
  • minimize a fund’s expenses while maintaining an acceptable standard of service
  • safeguard a fund’s assets
  • operate a fund within the context of all relevant legal requirements
  • protect the reputation of a fund and its manager
  • maximize investment returns in relation to investment objectives and policies
  • look out for investors’ interests within the fund’s prescribed mandate
  • provide a level of service, including reporting, that meets investors’ needs