IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IFRS 13: Answers to application questions

Find responses to participant questions arising from Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) webinars on IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IFRS 13.

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IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements, IFRS 11 Joint Arrangements, and IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement: Your Questions Answered summarizes recent CPA Canada webinars on the topics and features responses to some of the questions posed by participants.

What you will learn

Learn more about these standards, including practical application and disclosure issues, as well as transition considerations. A total of 40 questions cover topics such as:

  • how the standards compare to previous IFRS
  • common application issues
  • common transition issues
  • the interaction between IFRS 10, 11, 12 and IAS 27 and 28
  • how to implement the standards
  • resources available to help implement the standards

How this information will serve you

  • gain a better understanding of the scope and implications of IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IFRS 13
  • enhance and refine your application of the standards
  • support your compliance with the standards