Financial reporting of cryptocurrencies: External resources

We have compiled an inventory of useful external resources to help you understand the implications around financial reporting of cryptocurrencies.

The rapid rise and volatility of cryptocurrencies have led to increased global interest and scrutiny by organizations, investors, regulators, governments and others. Interested parties are concerned about the accounting and tax implications associated with cryptocurrencies.

CPA Canada resources

We have developed the following resources to help you better understand the financial reporting implications around cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to accounting for cryptocurrencies under IFRS
(May 2018)

Accounting for cryptocurrencies under accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE)
(January 2019)

External resources

In addition, we have compiled a list of resources created by external organizations. These resources were not reviewed, developed or approved by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). CPA Canada accepts no responsibility or liability that might occur directly or indirectly as a consequence of the use, application or reliance on these resources.

Background on cryptocurrencies

Navigating the Brave New World of Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
(May 2018 | CPA Ontario)

Cryptocurrencies and Public Policy
(February 2018 | Oliver Wyman)

Blockchain: A technical primer
(February 2018 | Deloitte)

Introducing blockchain and cryptocurrencies
(July 2018 | KPMG)

Digital Currencies and Fintech
(Bank of Canada)

Digital Currency: You Can't Flip This Coin!
(June 2015 | The Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce)

Comprehensive guides

Technical Line: A holder's accounting for cryptocurrencies (US GAAP)
(October 2018 | EY)

Cryptographic assets and related transactions: accounting considerations under IFRS
(September 2018 | PwC)

Accounting by holders of crypto-assets
(August 2018 | EY)

Accounting for crypto-assets
(2018 | EY)

IFRS Viewpoint: Accounting for cryptocurrencies – the basics
(2018 | BDO)


Making sense of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies: Time to consider plan B
(March 2018 | PwC)

Standard setters and regulatory agencies

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Canada
(Ontario Securities Commission)

Spotlight on Initial Coin Offerings and Digital Assets
(U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)

Cryptocurrencies – Other Considerations (Publication | Audio)
(October 2018 | IFRS Discussion Group)

Cryptocurrencies – Employee Benefits (Publication | Audio)
(October 2018 | IFRS Discussion Group)

Cryptocurrencies – Mining Activities (Publication | Audio)
(June 2018 | IFRS Discussion Group)

Cryptocurrencies (Publication | Audio)
(January 2018 | IFRS Discussion Group)

Digital currency – A case for standard setting activity
(December 2016 | Australian Accounting Standards Board)