Model financial statements series

No matter what sector you work in, this series will help you prepare consistent financial statements that reflect the appropriate standards for your clients or organization.

If you prepare financial statements for private enterprises, private sector not-for-profit organizations or public companies, the Model Financial Statements series can help.

Whether you are a first-time adopter or already applying a set of accounting standards from the CPA Canada Handbook – Accounting, these handy guides offer value-added models, explanations, notes and exhibits of financial statements that reflect those standards.

Each publication comes with Word or Excel templates to help you maintain consistency in your work while addressing the different needs of your clients or organization.


  • Model Financial Statements — IFRS
    Part I of the CPA Canada Handbook – Accounting
  • Model Financial Statements — Private Enterprises
    Part II of the Handbook – Accounting
  • Model Financial Statements — Private sector NFPO
    Part III of the Handbook – Accounting