C•PEM Plus: The perfect combo for performing effective, consistent engagements

This practical resource combines the original C•PEM with the C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs (videos) in one online subscription, helping to improve the consistency and quality of your firm’s engagements.

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Improve your knowledge and consistency with C•PEM Plus

The Canadian Professional Engagement Manual Plus (C•PEM Plus) combines all of the valuable guidance of the original C•PEM with the practical instruction of the C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs (videos) in one comprehensive product. A valuable online tool for your practice, C•PEM Plus is available in cost-effective multiple-user license bundles — helping you to ensure work is carried out with a consistent level of quality that is in accordance with professional standards and your firm's policies and procedures.

C•PEM Plus gives you online access to:

  • Canadian Professional Engagement Manual (Volumes 1 & 2)
  • C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs
  • access to the C•PEM website