The personal financial planner’s manual

Get practical fingertip access to the myriad of facts, figures, definitions, strategies and general information required to do a financial plan today.

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This publication is designed to help public accountants and consultants develop professional personal financial plans quickly and efficiently, and make a difference for their clients.

The manual is a study guide for candidates for the professional designation and a complete reference service for financial planners.

Keep your knowledge current and help your clients make the right moves for their financial future.

You will learn about:

  • financial planning practices
  • financial management
  • tax planning
  • investment planning
  • education planning
  • risk management
  • retirement planning
  • estate planning

Additional sample materials include:

  • portfolio design to help create an investor profile
  • professional standards with updates on emerging professional standards
  • reference materials with description of more than 50 publications on personal financial planning
  • quick reference to current federal and provincial rates