Strategies for creating shareholder value in a low-growth environment

Learn the success factors for creating shareholder value in a low-growth economy by examining the experiences of four successful Canadian companies.

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Do you know about Goodlife Fitness's operational excellence? Or Cineplex's ability to leverage its theatre infrastructure and customer base? What about Constellation Software? Have you heard about its ability to focus on acquiring smaller companies to grow revenues and profitability? And do you know why Birch Hill Equity Partners has been so successful in its focus on capital discipline when acquiring companies?

These four Canadian companies fostered entrepreneurial environments that ultimately helped improve shareholder value despite the tough economy. Read Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value in a Low-growth Environment to learn how they did it.

You will also learn about:

  • the components of an entrepreneurial environment
  • how each of these four companies achieved shareholder value in a low-growth environment through strategies such as acquisitions, capital discipline, operational excellence and innovation
  • how to achieve similar results for your organization