Building value in your company: Practical guidance for generating shareholder value

Learn more about the practical steps involved in value measurement, creation and realization, and how to provide business owners and executives with key guidance on generating shareholder value for their company.

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Building Value in Your Company provides a practical, hands-on explanation of how business value is measured, how this value can be increased and how business owners and executives can realize on that increased value by focusing on cash flow, risk management and invested capital. It shows readers how developing a competitive advantage generates intangible value, which ultimately leads to value creation.

Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, this comprehensive guide explains the practical steps involved in value measurement, creation and realization.

Three sections are covered:

  • value measurement addresses various methodologies for determining the value of your company, and the important distinction between tangible net worth and intangible value
  • value creation discusses the importance of developing a competitive advantage through managing your company’s cash flow, risk profile and invested capital, which in turn leads to intangible value
  • value realization covers the various liquidity alternatives including shareholder distributions, related party transactions and transactions involving third parties