CPA Canada Quality Assurance Manual: Improve your firm’s quality control systems and save valuable time

The Quality Assurance Manual will help your firm comply with the specific requirements of the quality control standards, as well as develop and document their own policy manuals and systems of quality control.

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  • commentary and guidance — fourteen chapters including:
    • sample policies
    • quality control objectives
    • risks and strategies
    • independence and ethics
    • the roles and responsibilities of the firm’s leaders
  • sample quality assurance manuals — four sample manuals with sample policies and procedures, cross-references to the standards and highlighted optional ‘best practice’ policies:
    • sole practitioner with no staff
    • sole practitioner with staff
    • small or medium-size partnership
    • partnership with audits of listed entities/reporting issuers
  • templates (Microsoft Word) — includes Word files of the sample manuals and supporting worksheets, report layouts, engagement letters and other practice aids that can help your firm design, implement and maintain a firm-specific system of quality control.


  • understand the requirements of Canadian Standard on Quality Control (CSQC) 1 and Canadian Auditing Standard (CAS) 220
  • develop a customized Quality Assurance Manual for your firm
  • assign leadership roles
  • document your firm’s ongoing compliance with its quality control policies
  • organize, perform and prepare monitors’ reports for:
    • ongoing policy monitoring (OPM)
    • completed file monitoring (CFM)
  • continually improve your firm’s system of quality control