Audit and assurance alert: Canadian standard on association

Learn about the practitioner's responsibilities relating to the use of a practitioner's communication or name.

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Audit and Assurance Alert: CSOA 5000, Use of the Practitioner’s Communication or Name raises awareness about the more rigorous requirements under the new Canadian Standard on Association (CSOA) issued in January 2017. This new standard is effective as of, and is applicable to, a practitioner’s consent provided on or after June 1, 2017. It is meant to clarify the practitioner’s responsibilities relating to the use of a practitioner’s communication or name and replaces Section 5020, Association.

This alert will:

  • provide practical considerations for practitioners to help them determine when this standard applies
  • highlight the differences between Section 5020 and CSOA 5000
  • highlight the differences in the practitioner's responsibilities and communication requirements under CSOA 5000, depending on whether they consent to the use of their communication or name with accompanying information or translated information