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PaySource® offers:

  • 20 chapters of up-to-date payroll content that covers all 14 Canadian jurisdictions, including employee benefits, statutory deductions, workers’ compensation, year-end reporting and more
  • quick access to content, plus powerful and easy-to-use search functionality
  • analysis that details how federal, provincial and territorial budgets can affect employer payrolls
  • access to hundreds of forms and guides from the CRA, Revenu Quebec and Service Canada, as well as provincial and territorial governments
  • step-by-step examples of complex payroll calculations
  • the Human Resources Advisor®, your guide for the latest news on health, safety, human rights and other employment legislation

Who will benefit:

  • payroll professionals, payroll staff, managers, employers

Other features:

  • an Ask the Editor service for queries about content
  • in-context help and technical support
  • a weekly enewsletter with regular content updates and direct links to expanded commentary
  • access to FirstSearch®, so you can find the information you need