Information technology PolicyPro

If you need guidance on policy, compliance and best practices for IT, this resource is made for you.

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Item #  |  PolicyProPlus: $1,990

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Information Technology PolicyPro® (ITPP) offers:

  • over 150 model policies and related documents prepared by IT experts and cross-referenced to COBIT and a selection of PEG forms to ensure your policy manual is complete and comprehensive
  • online software to create, update and distribute documents to employees
  • an account for employees to read and sign off assigned policies
  • reports to track completion of assigned policies for internal and external audits
  • separate manuals and distribution lists for different departments
  • drafting, approval and archival functions
  • an Ask the Editor service for content queries and suggestions
  • secure central document storage with access from any location or device

Who will benefit:

  • IT managers who are responsible for internal controls, data and network security, compliance and risk management

Other features:

  • extensive in-context help and how-to videos
  • built-in email messaging for supervisor-employee communications
  • the option to use PolicyPro templates and/or upload existing policies
  • sample quizzes that let you quickly confirm employees understand your policies and procedures
  • full Microsoft Word® integration
  • your choice of the classic print and digital manual or a comprehensive online platform that automates policy management