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Post-pandemic: Five questions organizations should ask about internal audit

As the pandemic forces organizations to operate in new and unique ways, help ensure your internal audit department is tackling these changes in stride and is adapting their procedures to the new risk environment.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are operating in a new and uncertain economic environment.

This publication address the increasing number and complexity of risks facing organizations and focuses on how internal audit can adapt its role to "build value" while helping to mitigate these risks.

It does so by identifying and discussing the five most important questions organizations should consider to effectively oversee internal audit:

  • Should our organization have an internal audit function?
  • What new capabilities are leading internal audit functions developing today?
  • How does internal audit anticipate and adapt to emerging or changing risks?
  • How should management be held accountable to address or resolve audit findings?
  • How does internal audit determine what risk and control issues should be reported?