What external auditors do: A primer for audit committee members

This series of three videos describe the basic roles and responsibilities of an external auditor. By better understanding the auditor's role, audit committee members will be able to properly evaluate their performance.

Watch these three short informational videos to gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an external auditor.

These introductory videos will walk you through some of the key steps auditors perform when initiating and performing an engagement, as well as how they interact with a company’s audit committee and regulatory body.

These videos will describe:

  • what external auditors do, the role of management and the audit committee
  • why an audit is performed, and what it provides
  • the audit process, including:
  • professional skepticism
  • audit firm's responsibility for quality control
  • risk assessment
  • links to auditor evaluation and audit quality indicators

Intended audience:

  • audit committee and board members of Canadian public companies
  • management
  • external auditors