Implementing CAS requirements related to governance communication

Even if your audit client is a small organization, Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS) requirements for communication with those charged with governance apply. This FAQ will help you foster effective two-way communication by discussing key questions. 

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You are responsible for establishing effective communication as required by:

  • CAS 260 Communication With Those Charged With Governance
  • CAS 265 Communicating Deficiencies in Internal Control to Those Charged With Governance and Management
  • other relevant CAS

Questions Auditors Frequently Ask When Implementing CAS Requirements Related to Communications with Those Charged with Governance considers these key questions:

  • Do CAS requirements apply to private enterprise or not-for-profit clients?
  • How can I apply the requirements in an audit for a small organization?
  • How do I identify those charged with governance?
  • Does communication need to be repeated if management and those charged with governance are the same people?
  • What matters must be communicated to those charged with governance and which specific CAS apply?
  • What should I communicate about the qualitative aspects of my client’s accounting policies?
  • How should I handle communication about uncorrected misstatements?
  • When should communication take place?
  • Should communication be oral or written?