Audit data analytics alert: UWCISA symposium ADA panel

Find out the key matters raised during the audit data analytics panel at the UWCISA's 10th Biennial Research Symposium.

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The University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance (UWCISA)'s 10th Biennial Research Symposium, held in October 2017, included a session in which panelists discussed and responded to questions regarding audit data analytics (ADAs).

The topics covered included:

  • how ADAs are being used in audits today
  • how the audit needs to change over the next five years regarding the use of ADAs, including:
    • the need for more value in the financial statement audit
    • education and training of auditors
    • auditing standards
    • service models of audit firms

Download the alert to read about the key matters raised during this panel discussion.