Audit committee briefing: Questions for audit committees about audit data analytics

Learn about Audit Data Analytics (ADA) and sample questions that audit committees might consider asking the auditors of their organizations regarding the use of ADAs.

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According to a special report from The Economist, organizations and their auditors are facing what has been called "a third great wave of invention and economic disruption set off by advances in computing and information and communications technology." Large and diverse amounts of data are being used by organizations of all types and sizes to improve their strategic, financial, and operational decision-making.

In response to this changing environment, increased use of ADAs is important in maintaining the relevance of the financial statement audit and in helping to improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

This briefing provides:

  • description of ADAs
  • brief background information on the evolving technological environment in which entities operate and audits are performed
  • questions an audit committee might ask its auditors regarding:
    • the planned nature and extent of use of ADAs to enhance audit quality
    • key matters to consider that may affect the planned performance of ADAs