Guidelines for transitioning and legacy CA students

If you’re a legacy CA student, learn the transition guidelines for completing the CPA certification program and how to complete your CA practical experience requirements (PER).

The CPA profession is committed to ensuring that the education and experience you completed for a legacy designation will be recognized toward the CPA designation, and you will therefore make the transition to the appropriate point in the CPA education program.

Information for transitioning students (excluding students in Quebec and Alberta)

Legacy students have until September 1, 2018 (August 31, 2018 in B.C.) to complete legacy practical experience requirements. The profession will continue to recognize legacy PER completed by September 1, 2018. For more information, review the Transition Students Guidelines.

Legacy and transition students in Quebec and Alberta should contact CPA Québec and CPA Alberta, respectively for more information. 

CA practical experience requirements

In order to fulfill your CA practical experience requirements, you must maintain a Record of CA Qualifying Experience (RQE).

The RQE is how you:

  • document your competency development
  • reflect on your progress
  • identify where you need further experience
  • facilitate meaningful semi-annual discussions with your Counselling Member

The RQE is your opportunity to assess the practical experience you're getting and enables you, your Counselling Member and your CA Training Office to make sure you're maintaining an effective development path toward achieving the profession's competency standards.

To maintain your RQE, you must:

  • record your relevant learning experiences and competency development
  • identify the CA competencies you have demonstrated on particular assignments
  • assess your progress and level of competency development relative to the level of proficiency expected

Follow these instructions for completing the RQE.

Provincial/Regional contacts

If you have any questions about the CA legacy practical experience requirements, please contact your provincial/regional body.