International credential recognition

Learn how the Canadian CPA profession assesses international credentials and provides streamlined programs to help internationally trained accountants become Canadian CPAs.

If you are an internationally trained accountant, we will assess your academic and professional credentials quickly and fairly, and provide you with a clear pathway to your Canadian CPA credential. We offer streamlined bridging programs to help you meet any additional qualifications efficiently, as well as alternate career paths that can provide an interim step to Canadian employment or help you meet shorter term career goals.

Our programs have been developed specifically to help you close any educational or experiential gaps so that you can contribute your full potential as soon as possible.

We are negotiating recognition agreements with many international accounting bodies. Until these are complete, agreements between the three legacy bodies and international accounting bodies remain in effect. See if you qualify for membership under an existing agreement.

Learn about the process for providing individual assessments of international accounting professionals to become Canadian CPAs when they are not members of international accounting bodies with whom the Canadian profession has an established agreement.


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Learn how to overcome barriers and challenges in your career. This toolkit, created by the Women's Leadership Council of Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), is specifically for women in the accounting profession.