CPA Professional Education Program: Core 2 module

Learn about the Core 2 module of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

The CPA PEP begins with two mandatory core modules in which you build the enabling and technical competencies required of a professional accountant. The objective of the Core 2 module is for you to develop competence in the areas of governance, strategy, risk management and management decision-making. You will also gain an appreciation for the role of corporate governance, learn how to formulate deliberate and emergent strategies and translate those strategies into specific objectives and actions.

Core 2 focuses on:

  • management accounting
  • developing competencies in the areas of:
    • governance
    • strategy
    • risk management
    • management decision-making
    • finance


The core modules blueprint provides you with information on what to expect from these examinations, including the weighting placed on the different competencies and the study materials you can use while completing them.

Examples of Core 2 Cases and Evaluation Guides

This case example focuses mainly on management accounting competencies and builds on the entry level and Core 1 competencies. The evaluation guide provides the solution to the case through a variety of assessment opportunities.

Dates for the Core 2 module

The CPA PEP and CFE calendar provides the key dates for all CPA PEP modules as well as the Common Final Examination (CFE). Please contact your provincial/regional CPA body to see if these offerings are available in your area.