CPA Professional Education Program: Capstone examination preparation module (Capstone 2)

Learn about the Capstone 2 module of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

The capstone modules are culminating courses in which you demonstrate what you have learned over the course of the CPA PEP.

The Capstone 2 module focuses on preparing you for entry into the profession by requiring you to apply the competencies you have acquired throughout the CPA program in complex and highly integrative cases. You continue to develop your enabling competencies in situations which simulate real-life projects and assignments that newly certified CPAs may encounter in their careers.

Capstone 2 has no module-specific examination since it immediately precedes the national Common Final Examination (CFE).

Dates for Capstone 2 module

The CPA PEP and CFE calendar provides the key dates for all CPA PEP modules as well as the Common Final Examination (CFE). Please contact your provincial/regional CPA body to see if these offerings are available in your area.

The Capstone 2 Module Calendar includes dates for mock examinations, practice cases and practice case feedback:

  • April 2020 Capstone 2 module calendar
  • The April 2020 Capstone 2 module has been cancelled due to growing concerns and uncertainties over COVID-19. If you were enrolled in the April 2020 module, you will automatically be enrolled in the July 2020 Capstone 2 module. 

The July 2020 Capstone 2 module calendar will be available by May 1, 2020.

Additional practice cases and solutions

Additional practice cases are available for candidates enrolled in Capstone 2. For examples of CFE cases, please refer to the CFE Board of Examiner's reports.