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Daniel Kerner

As head of Eurasia Group’s Latin America practice, Daniel helps clients make sense of the region’s turbulent politics. He leads the firm’s coverage of Argentina and Mexico, identifies region-wide trends, and analyzes the evolution of political dynamics, as well as specific policy initiatives across a range of sectors including energy and natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Daniel has explained the nationalization of YPF, Argentina’s default, and Mexico’s ambitious energy opening, and he is now examining how the region will fare in a more difficult global economic environment. Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Daniel worked at the University of Buenos Aires, conducting research on FDI in Latin America and the influence of economic ideas on structural reform in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. He has published articles on political reform and economic history in major academic journals including CEPAL Review and Desarrollo Economico, and has edited volumes in Latin America and the US. Daniel, who holds degrees from the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is fluent in Spanish.