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Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham

Andrew teaches at Queens University School of Policy Studies as well as at a variety of international and Canadian venues. He is national editor of the Case Study Program of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Canada’s leading source of public sector case studies.

Andrew is the author of Canada’s leading textbook on managing public money, Canadian Public Sector Financial Management, available through McGill-Queens Press. It has been adopted by a number of Canada’s leading universities as a text and is used in governments for staff training. He has worked with CPA in the development of public sector learning material.

He has also published Making the Case: Writing and Teaching Case Studies, also available through McGill-Queens. He edited Innovations in Public Expenditure Management, a publication of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Canada’s Critical Infrastructure: When is Safe Enough Safe Enough? for the Macdonald Laurier Institute of Canada.

Andrew teaches in both the graduate and professional development programs at Queens and elsewhere. He provides courses on financial literacy, policy implementation and police governance. The Financial Management Institute of Canada awarded him the 2013-2014 Alan G. Ross Award for Writing Excellence for his article “What is financial literacy for the public manager.”

Andrew has taken a special interest in emerging management issues, including strategic planning, modern police governance, performance measurement and integrated risk management. He has written extensively in this area, including an e-book Implementing Risk Management, available free on his website. He has worked internationally in training organizations on risk, financial management and professional learning. He also works with First Nations across the country on police governance.

An assistant deputy minister for 14 years in the federal government with over 30 years of service, Andrew has experience in line operations (Warden, Kingston Penitentiary), leading complex regional operations and a number of national policy and corporate leadership roles, including senior deputy commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada. He has extensive corporate management experience, including having served as the ADM, Corporate Services of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He took part in an executive interchange to the Conference Board of Canada for two years.